At Twenty-Nine, a vocation for constant technological improvement
is combined with an ability to engineer solutions with the utmost
precision — and a solid production expertise that makes all this possible.
When precision meets passion

How do you create a product that satisfies all the expectations of its users?
Our ability to continue pushing the sector’s technological boundaries derives from a passion for
research and results: settling for something that is “good enough” is not what we are about.
But a talent for innovating and an ambition to excel are only part of the equation. 


Our industrial expertise plays a key role.
Every bullet from Twenty-Nine’s production process is the result of meticulous metallurgical
manufacturing: committed to the highest quality, driven by complete attention to detail.
The expertise and the processes developed by our Group over decades of experience are crucial
to our success.


Twenty-Nine stems from a desire to create quality without compromise.
Our dedication to exceptional results is matched by our passion for hunting, nature, and precision
shooting. Our products bring demanding hunting and shooting enthusiasts — like we are ourselves —
the highest level of precision and efficacy.